Clear As Mud Illustration
Hula HoopBucketOne Pierrepont St.Eisenhower Chapel, Denver, COColumbus RootsItipini Lady IO Holy NightLacoste from BonnieuxGordesTraces de Pierre
(Traces of Stone)Morgan Freeman Mandolin and FiddleTacoma and RainierClement ParkWalking in Togo
In one of the Biblical creation stories, we read that God formed Adam from dirt. We are told later that we return to dust when we die. The way I see it, we and all the rest of creation are somewhere between dirt and dirt. Painting a person out of a landscape reminds me that that we are all fragile, that nothing I make is truly permanent.

It also reminds me that I am composed of tiny particles of mountains and plants and rivers. I am small but am part of Something big.