Clear As Mud Illustration
GrapesSipho Meets the HadedasUnder the Sea"The cows shuffled slowly through the tall, yellow grass.  'Uhsso, uhsso," whispered the bushes as the herd went by."

From "After the Rain""He tried painting on the cow."

From "After The Rain""All day long, Sipho painted and painted.  He stopped only when the sky fell asleep and it was too dark to see."The Emperor's New ClothesX is for XhosaWaitingOliver Knew Exactly What to Do"Things were looking grim.""They suggested he hold his breath underwater.
They even suggested guzzling grog upside down.""Sneaking up on the enemy wasn't so easy either.""Eureka Paprika"
coverIt's Raining Mail, Hallelujah!"When You're An Explorer" spreadThe Big DaySloth and DiligenceHonna Lulu I

Text © Linda UrbanHonna Lulu II

Text © Linda Urban
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